How to Bring Your Medicare Coverage When Moving to Florida

Medicare coverage

More than 65 million people are currently enrolled in a Medicare program. 

Medicare coverage is a federal program that plenty of people from all walks of life rely on regularly. When you move to another state, you might have questions about whether your Medicare coverage will transfer with you.

If you are ready to pick up and move to Florida, we have all the answers you need to avoid disruptions in your Medicare coverage. 

These tips will teach you all you need to know about switching your Medicare coverage to Florida when you move. 

Verify Your Medicare Coverage

The first step you need to take is making sure that you understand what coverage you have. This way, you can do research so that it can transfer with you without a problem.

It’s important that you understand the type of Medicare coverage that you have. The two main parts that most people get are Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B, and some people also opt for Medicare Part D plans. 

Medicare Part A

This is a type of Medicare plan that covers patients for their inpatient hospital visits. You will have the coverage that you need to take care of these medical needs so that you don’t have to pay for it completely out of pocket. 

It also refers to skilled nursing facilities, long-term care, hospice, and some forms of home-based care. 

Medicare Part B

This is a form of care that provides general medical insurance for patients who need it. With this type of plan, you will pay monthly premiums in order to receive healthcare coverage, just as you would for a typical insurance plan. 

These plans will cover patients for a variety of forms of outpatient care. You will be able to take care of your doctor visits also without having to worry about paying completely out of pocket. 

Medicare Part C

This is the type of Medicare that is known as the Medicare Advantage Plan. The government uses federal money to help you pay for private insurance through third-party providers. 

They will allocate a fixed payment for your premiums, making it easier for you to get the healthcare that you need. You will be able to decide between Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) and Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plans. 

These plans have a variety of features that will help you pay for inpatient and outpatient care, emergency room treatment, specialist visits, and more. 

Medicare Part D 

Medicare Part D is a program that helps you pay for your prescription drugs and other medications. This can reduce your prescription costs so that you can pay for the medication that you need without it breaking the bank. There are a variety of types of drug coverage, whether you need name-brand, generic, or other forms of medication.

Make sure that you weigh all of these different types of Medicare so that you understand what plan you are carrying with you to Florida. You should also consider whether you have a Medicaid plan and how this move would affect it. 

Transfer Your Medicare to Florida

Now that you understand what kind of plan you have, it’s important that you follow the right steps so that you can transfer your Medicare plan to Florida.  

There’s always a laundry list of things you need to take care of when you move to another state. Taking care of your medical needs should be chief among them to make sure that you’re getting the best from the situation and able to quickly find a doctor who can assist you. 

If you need to transfer Medicare to another state, the same considerations apply whether you’re moving to Florida or elsewhere. Understanding the basics will make the process easier.  

Your Medicare Applies in All States

First, recognize that Medicare is a federal program, so it remains valid no matter what state you move to. You can use your Medicare plan in any state. The main detail that you need to take care of is updating your residency info.

Since the program is federal, you don’t have to worry about discontinuing your current plan or enrolling in a new one. 

There are no provider networks that you need to consider, so your plan will stay active no matter where you live in the 50 states. Get in touch with your local Social Security department and update your address.

You can do this in advance if you already know your mailing address. Otherwise, do your best to change this address within the first 30 days of moving.

If this applies to you, you might also need to reach out to the Railroad Retirement Board for a change of address. Take care of these details ASAP so that you don’t have any delays in the medical care that you need. 

Choose a Doctor

To make sure that you can get started with your new medical care, make sure that you also choose a primary care physician that you’d like to see regularly. This is the doctor that will handle your annual checkups, write you prescriptions, and monitor any ongoing healthcare issues that you have. 

They can also refer you to a specialist who can take care of other issues that you have. You might have a specialist for pain management, heart issues, allergies, and any number of other healthcare needs. 

Start by making sure that any doctor you’re interested in for primary care accepts your Medicare plan. This way, you’ll know you can be seen and have your medical needs taken care of without any delay.

Call the office and speak to the staff directly to find out for sure. You can also use the Medicare physician finder tool to get leads on some doctors that will accept your plan. 

Make sure that your prospective doctor is board certified and find out how long they have been practicing, where they went to medical school, and where they completed their residency. 

Check into medical reviews to find out how they interact with their patients and how people have experienced them. Finding the right doctor is a critical step that will make sure your medical needs are addressed without issues. 

Get Professional Guidance

There are some pros that you can speak to that will help you out when you’re transferring Medicare to Florida or any other state. At Caley Insurance, we have a team of pros that will assist you whenever you’re moving with Medicare. 

We know how important your Medicare needs are and that you rely on it to pay for your healthcare. This is why we have a team of experts that can assist you in making it as pain-free as possible.

You will have the helping hand that you need to get your address updated as quickly as possible. We can also offer you some leads on finding the right doctor who will accept your medical plan. Transferring Medicare is far less of an issue when you have the help of some pros that you can trust.                                    

Tailor Your Plan to Your Needs

Just like you need to stay on top of your health insurance, make sure that you get a handle on your Medicare coverage in advance. Aside from transferring your Medicare, you need to always make sure that you have the plan that best serves you. 

It starts with understanding the prerequisites and making sure that you hit the required dates and timetables. 

Your Medicare Eligibility

First, anyone looking into Medicare will need to be 65 years old and up. This applies whether you are looking into a Medicare Part A, Medicare Part B, Medicare Part C (Medicare Advantage), Medicare Part D (prescription drugs) plan. You can also sign up for Medicare three months before your 65th birthday so that your plan is in place by the time your birthday rolls around. 

Certain people might be eligible to get Medicare earlier, based on different medical conditions. For instance, people with renal disease and other serious medical conditions might be able to take advantage of these plans. 

Consider Your Medical Needs

There are also a number of points that you need to consider when you are signing up for a Medicare plan. Consider the number of times you visit the doctor each year and for what reasons. 

Mull through your most recent medical bills and appointments to make sure that you are aligning your plan to take care of them. Know how many specialist visits you have and an approximation of how much you pay for your visits and care each year. 

From here, you’ll be able to put together a combination of Medicare coverage that can assist you. It will give you the chance to choose the right Medicare Advantage plan, if this is the level of coverage that you are looking into.

A large number of people take advantage of these plans throughout the years so that they can tailor their premiums and health insurance to take care of their healthcare needs. 

As always, stay up to date with your doctor to know that they accept the Medicare plan that you choose. Speak to an advisor that can weigh your benefits and make sure that they are accurately covering you for any healthcare needs that you have. 

Get to Know the Claims Process

In most cases, your Medicare claims for service will take about 30 days to process. Keep copies of your medical bills and any explanation of benefits that you receive. This will give you an itemized breakdown of everything so that you know what level of care was rendered, how much Medicare paid for, and your financial responsibility for any of the remaining balance. 

Stay in touch with your doctor during the claims process so that you don’t have an issue with it. You should keep accurate records of every visit or procedure so that you’re able to move forward with a dispute should one arise. 

You might have a different timetable depending on the type of care that you received. For instance, there may be a quicker claim for a hospital visit than in-home medical care, or vice versa. Don’t hesitate to reach out to a claims agent that can assist you with any questions that you have, and so that you never end up paying more than you should for medical care. 

Understanding the claims process will help you be an advocate for your medical care, so that you never are hesitant about taking advantage of your benefits. All of these points will apply once you move to Florida, so take time to familiarize yourself with the landscape, find the medical care that you need, and take the steps you need to reimbursed.  

Handle Your Coverage Needs

Whether you need help with Medicare coverage, life insurance or healthcare, stay on top of all the little details. This is a big difference maker if you are hoping to get the medical care that you need without it costing you a lot of money out of pocket. 

We’re your advocate when you need help making sense of the process. Caley Insurance specializes in helping people smooth out the process so that Florida residents can get the high-level medical care that they need. We are happy to assist you with any questions that you have and can give you a detailed explanation of the services that we provide.  

Caley Insurance is here to answer all of your insurance-related questions. You can reach us by e-mail or give us a call at (305) 800-2985 today.